Are tickets included in the price?

Yes! Entry plus three games of bingo are included in the ticket price.

How do I play Bingo?

The rules are simple, the Host will call out a number and you mark it off using your Players dabber.

How do I win?

There are three ways to win at Bingo; dab one line of numbers in a horizontal line, dab two lines of numbers in a horizontal line and dab a full house,  which is every number on the ticket page.

If you have matched your ticket numbers to the called numbers, then you need to let us know, Shout “BINGO!” to make yourself known. We will then check, verify the ticket and the correct ones will win a prize. If it is wrong, the game will proceed until a correct winner calls.

What prizes can I win?

You can win anything from an envelope of hard cash to a brand-new kayak.

How do I get my prizes?

Two options; have your prize delivered directly to your home, or take that kayak on the tube.

How many games will I play?

Three games are played during the night. Each game will have 3 opportunities to win (one line, two lines and full house).

How many people can sit at a table?

Tables are arranged in seats of four or eight.

When should I arrive at the venue?

We know everyone wants time to socialise when they arrive so we suggest arriving at 6:30pm. This gives you a full hour to socialise, find your table, grab a drink, order some food and familiarise yourself with the bingo calls!

Is there disabled access?

There is disabled access to the main bingo hall, but not the Players’ Lounge, however, we can bring the Players’ Lounge to you!

Can I get tickets on the door?

A limited number of tickets will be available on the door. Book in advance to avoid disappointment!

Do I need to bring ID?

Players Bingo is an over 18s event, so please expect to need ID on the door.

Is there a dress code?

Players is a casual event. We want everyone to be comfy to ensure you have the best night possible.

How long does the show last?

The event will last 5 hours in total. The actual game will take roughly 3 hours. That’s 2 hours left for drinking, eating and socialising.

Do you have a cloakroom?

Yes, a cloakroom is available on entry to the venue.

Print ticket or use Eventbrite app?

We’re easy! Your choice. However, we do encourage using the app, be kind to the environment.

Can I make group bookings?

Yes, the bigger the better! Please email to book your party.

Do you do private parties?

We are happy to accommodate for private parties. Please email for further info.